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Welcome to the Indianapolis Southside Chapter's Safety Corner!


Here we will pass along information and concepts intended to help keep both our chapter members and the public safe while motorcycling.


It's that time of year, when the day gets a little warmer and the road starts to dry, we find ourselves pulling the bike out of the garage to sneak in a quick ride. Be aware of the salt and sand always heaviest in those places where traction is required most (at intersections and in curves). It usually isn't washed completely away until the spring rains.

Remember, don't forget to perform your T-CLOCS pre-ride inspection to insure your machine is in proper working order.

And all of us need to be aware of other drivers around us. Be sure to see them before they see you!

Janna Lippie

Road Captain & Safety Director



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T-CLOCS - Pre Ride Inspection

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