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Updated 12.31.2019


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Happy 30th Anniversary Southside H.O.G.!

Welcome to the Indianapolis Southside Chapter. We are a very active, family friendly Harley Owners Group Chapter that participates in charities, holds many planned rides throughout the year, monthly dinner rides, monthly chapter meetings, and many other events.


We would like to extend an invitation to all interested to become a member of this great chapter. Please contact Lori at Southside Harley Davidson, join us at a Chapter Meeting, or email us at to find out more.



Newest Members!

Welcome to the chapter Gary & Kim, Helen, Janice, and Todd!





January 7th :    Officer Meeting

January 9th :   Chapter Meeting

January 15th:   Dinner Rendezvous

January 18th:   Breakout Party

February 11th :    Officer Meeting

February 13th :   Chapter Meeting

February 19th:   Dinner Rendezvous

February 29th:   Breakfast Clutch at Gold Coffee

March 10th :    Officer Meeting

March 12th :   Chapter Meeting

March 18th:   Dinner Rendezvous

March 28th:   Breakfast Clutch at Gold Coffee

April 7th :    Officer Meeting

April 9th :   Chapter Meeting

April 15th:   Dinner Rendezvous

April 25th:   Breakfast Clutch at Gold Coffee

May 12th :    Officer Meeting

May 14th :   Chapter Meeting

May 20th:   Dinner Rendezvous

May 30th:   Breakfast Clutch at Gold Coffee

June 9th :    Officer Meeting

June 11th :   Chapter Meeting

June 17th:   Dinner Rendezvous

June 27th:   Breakfast Clutch at Gold Coffee

July 7th :    Officer Meeting

July 9th :   Chapter Meeting

July 15th:   Dinner Rendezvous

July 25th:   Breakfast Clutch at Gold Coffee

August 11th :    Officer Meeting

August 13th :   Chapter Meeting

August 19th:   Dinner Rendezvous

August 29th:   Breakfast Clutch at Gold Coffee

September 8th :    Officer Meeting

September 10th :   Chapter Meeting

September 16th:   Dinner Rendezvous

September 26th:   Breakfast Clutch at Gold Coffee

October 6th :    Officer Meeting

October 8th :   Chapter Meeting

October 14th:   Dinner Rendezvous

October 24th:   Breakfast Clutch at Gold Coffee

November 10th :    Officer Meeting

November 12th :   Chapter Meeting

November 18th:   Dinner Rendezvous

November 28th:   Breakfast Clutch at Gold Coffee

December 8th :    Officer Meeting

December 10th :   Chapter Meeting

December 16th:   Dinner Rendezvous

December 26th:   Breakfast Clutch at Gold Coffee




** Chapter Events are open only to Members. Monthy Chapter meetings are open to the public.


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